Sponors   All Donations Are TAX  DEDUCTABLE  We are a 501 C 3 non-profit!

Our sponsors and sustaining donors are the backbone of the Center. They’re the people we know we can count on to support the incredible life-saving, community-changing work that happens for the LGBT youth who depend on our services. When you become a Circle of Support member or a Corporate Sponsor, you’re not just contributing to the Center, you’re contributing to your community and to our shared future.

 $1-$150 Donation:
-Underwrites safe and drug free recreational activities.
-Purchases art supplies that enable youth to express themselves in safe ways.
-Supports our telephone support line for youth and families who have questions.
-Makes it possible for us to provide health and life skill programs.

 $150-$350 Donation:
-Procures office supplies to maintain communication with youth service providers.
-Provides continued access to the internet for youth projects.
-Invests in welcome packets for youth who are new to the Center and the community.

 $350-$550 Donation:
-Enables us to present GLBT information to teachers and therapists who work with youth.
-Contributes to the basic functioning of the Center, like heat and electric.
-Allows expanded access to leadership development experiences.
-Prints outreach newsletters and informational brochures.

 $550-$1,500 Donation:
-Helps us to keep the doors open to provide a safe space for youth to grow and be supported
-Assists in financing team-building and other out-of-center activities in the greater community
-Facilitates our ability to help the youth in forming positive self concepts through adult 


$5000.00 AND ABOVE

Write a check payable to:
  All Under One Roof  
  838 East Clark Street 
  Pocatello, Idaho 83201